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PMCR1000 is a battery-powered portable magnetic stripe reader, which is specially designed for magnetic stripe data collection (same as CREDIT CARD DATA) anytime and anywhere without a computer.  The built-in time clock indicates every transaction date and time.  Data is read from the card and stored into memory.  It can then be downloaded to a computer to view the stored data. 

This unit comes complete with software and cables.


  • 512 K bytes memory for storing 3000 card swipes

  • 3-track version can collect all three tracks of data  

  • Time stamp shows date and time with every transaction

  • Password protects user

  • Auto Power Off is set by user

  • Bi - Directional 

  • Battery powered with low battery indicator

  • Data downloadable to the computer via USB

  • No programming required, easy to use


  • Any movable data collection (Trade shows, Racing events)

  • Law enforcement (DMV card)

  • Attendance (Student ID, Membership card)


 ISO Standard

 Track 1

 210 bpi,  79 Alphanumeric Characters   

 Track 2

 75 bpi,  40 Numeric characters

 Track 3

 210 bpi, 107 Numeric characters  


 Memory size

 512K stores approx. 3000 records  (256 Bytes/Record)

 Time stamp

Date: YY/MM/DD ( 2002/04/12 => April 12, 2002 )

Time: HH:MM:SS (19:08:35 => 7:08:35pm)

Week: Sun.=>1, Mon.=>2, Tue.=>3 Wed.=>4, Thurs.=>5, Fri.=>6, Sat.=>7 

Example: 2002/04/12 19:08:35 6 => April 12, 2002,  7:08:35pm, Friday




 card speed through the unit may vary from 3 ~50 ips  

 Battery Power

 CR2032 3 Volt and low battery detect   


 Working Temp

 0~55 Deg. C

 Storage Temp

 -10~55 Deg C


 10~90% Relative



 L 1.7 x W 1.2 x H 1.45 inch   ( L 5 x W 3 x H 3.8 cm )

 Net Weight

 1.8 oz


ITEM # PMCR1000---$499.99   

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